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440 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set (King)

Price: $79.98

1000 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set (Queen)

Price: $219.95


Tommy Hilfiger Sheets (Cal King/King/Queen/Full/Twin)

Price: $75.00


800 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set (King/Queen)

Price: $169.97 - $179.98


320 Thread Count Jacquard Sheet Set (King/Queen)

Price: $59.96


Shabby Chic Bed Sheets (Cal King/King/Queen/Full/Twin)

Price: $39.99 - $69.99


Swell Happiness Sheet Set (Full/Twin)

Price: $19.99 - $34.99


Pink Chablis Sheet Set (King/Queen/Full/Twin)

Price: $39.99 - $59.99


Stripe 400 Thread Count Sheet Set (Cal King/King/Queen)

Price: $69.99


Bella Sandalwood Print Sheet Set (King/Full)

Price: $36.99 - $54.99


Waverly Garden Room Sheet Set (Queen/Full/Twin)

Price: $19.99 - $39.99


320 Thread Count Woven Stripe Sheet Set (King/Queen)

Price: $99.96


Bed Sheets

Although purchasing bed sheets appear to be easy, this task can be challenging. There are so many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose between. Many assume that all cotton sheets are the same. However, inexpensive or cheaper cotton does not provide the same comfort as sheets made from the highest quality of cotton. Granted, some people are not picky. They could care less about thread count, softness, and so forth. To avoid the hassle of buying bed sheets to match a bedding ensemble, some prefer bed-in-a-bags that alleviate the headache. However, there are some helpful tips that will make selecting bed sheets a little easier.

When selecting bed sheets, buyer should pay attention to the weave of the fabric. On average, many do not examine sheets to determine whether the fabric is woven tightly or loosely. However, it is easy to detect a loosely woven bed sheet. These sheets appear flimsy or cheap. Loosely woven sheets are not very durable, thus requiring frequent replacing. After several washes these sheet may begin to develop small holes or tears. On the other hand, bed sheets that are woven tightly are much firmer, durable, and soft. These sheets may carry a higher price tag, but its well worth the cost.

Those in the market for bed sheets should also pay attention to the thread count of sheets. It is important to remember that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets. In most cases, thread counts of sheets range between 200 and 1000. However, cheap sheets may have a lower thread count, whereas designer or luxury sheets may have a thread count up to 2000. Individuals desiring quality bed sheets should not choose a set with less than a 200 thread count. The price of sheets is determined by the thread count. However, purchasing bed sheets with a thread count under 200 in order to save a few dollars mean sacrificing comfort and softness.




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