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Waterford "Aria" Decorative Pillows 18 x 18

Price: $75.00

Dkny Multistripe Decorative Pillows 16 x 20

Price: $90.00

Lily Pulitzer "Knit" Decorative Pillows 18 x 18

Price: $50.00

Tommy Hilfiger Paisley Decorative Pillows

Price: $30.00 - $40.00


Hotel Collection Cashmere Decorative Pillows 22 x 22"

Price: $150.00

Canyon Square Pillow by Thomasville

Price: $19.99


Birds of Paradise Boudoir Pillow By Thomasville

Price: $29.99

Birds of Paradise Tassel Pillow by Thomasville

Price: $49.99


Birds of Paradise Envelope Pillow by Thomasville

Price: $44.99


Memory Flex Pillows

Price: $24.95



Tuscany Decorative Pillows

Price: $59.96



Empire Decorative Pillows

Price: $59.95




Pillows are the perfect home accent because they are inexpensive and add instant décor to a room. Pillows are not only for sleeping. Although some decorative pillows make great sleeping pillows, most throw pillows are used on couches, chairs, or beds to add style. Pillows are popular because they have a price that is agreeable for all. Those "designing on a dime," may benefit from inexpensive, soft pillows purchased from retail stores. In addition, those seeking a comfortable, therapeutic sleeping pillow may choose a pillow that reduces body aches and lulls to sleep.

There are a variety of sleeping pillows to choose. Most people sleep on pillows that do not offer much support. There are benefits to owning a comfortable pillow. Many will agree that sleep is vital. Additionally, the pillow, mattress, and comforters we use contribute to how well we sleep. For the best sleep, we should select a pillow that offers maximum comfort. Our sleeping preferences differ. Thus, the ideal sleeping pillow for one person may be a soft pillow consisting of feathers or down, whereas another person may require a firmer pillow for therapeutic purposes.

Caring for a decorative pillow and sleeping pillow is easy. Most pillows include a label that explains how to clean. Labels that are detached from pillows should be saved. In most cases, pillows may be placed in the washing machine or dryer. However, luxury pillows or those with many designs may require dry cleaning. Some make the mistake of allowing pillows to air dry. However, down pillows may develop an unpleasant odor and begin to mold when left wet. Those who do not want to place their down pillows in the dryer, many dry them naturally by placing them outdoors in the sun. Although quality pillows are durable, they should be replaced every 4 to 5 years.


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