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Coleman Airbed (Queen/Double/Twin)

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Coleman Pillowtop Airbed (Queen)

Price: $49.99



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Air Bed

Air beds are advantageous for several reasons. Everyone likely understands the importance of sleep. In addition, it is fair to assume that the bed we sleep on plays a huge part in the amount of rest we receive. Thousands of people lay awake tossing and turning throughout the night. Moreover, a large percentage of the population experience unexplained aches and pains that are often attributed to mattresses. Those who desire a peaceful, restful night's sleep select mattresses that support the entire body. Fortunately, several air beds are equally comfortable. Individuals who are required to spend a few nights on an air bed should not sacrifice comfort and sleep for price.

When selecting an air bed, buyers should choose a quality mattress. The price of air beds vary, thus it is tempting to select the brand with the lowest price tag. Although your wallet may appreciate the savings, your body will have complaints. Inexpensive or cheap air mattresses do not properly support the body. A quality mattress will contour to the body for maximum comfort. Moreover, quality air beds have a feature that allows sleepers to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Some mattresses even have dual control settings that allow couples sharing an air bed to adjust the firmness to their own liking.

Air beds are ideal because they are convenient and simple to set-up. When traveling or visiting relatives, we may be uncertain of accommodations that await us at our destination. Air beds come equipped with a pump that inflates and deflates, and a travel bag. These beds can be stored in the car while traveling, and inflated within minutes of arriving at your destination. No longer will houseguests have to spend numerous nights sleeping on the sofa or floor. Air beds come in a variety of sizes, which comfortably sleep one, two, or three persons.


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